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Inspired by nature, formulated to be gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.

Based in the heart of Zululand, Kwazulu-Natal, we at Elula Naturals are aware of the impact our product choices make on our health and the environment, and aim to supply products that are safe for your family and lessen the carbon footprint on our earth.



100% Cotton

100% Cotton

100% Natural

100% Natural






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  • Charmaine Thompson

    Growing up in Zululand has given me the appreciation of the outdoors, close-knit family, love for the kitchen and entertaining.

    I have always loved making my own gifts for my family and friends - a baked, crocheted, or handmade gift is my preference over a store-bought one. I love the personal touch and having the recipient know that you have spent your time, effort and creativity making something special just for them.

    "I have always felt concerned about harmful chemicals in the products we use and consume daily, so when a family member suffered health issues, I felt a strong urge to make my own bath and body products, as well as few edible ones, to ensure my family were no longer exposed to harmful chemicals. When a dear friend visited from Australia in 2018 and inspired me to tackle the dream of making them all and marketing them, I knew I had to at least try. We started with the crocheted face cloths, facial scrub pads and soap bars, and each time I have had a request, it's been "back to the lab" (or in my case, the kitchen) to tackle recipes and formulate something that smells and feels good to use.“

    I am a wife and mom who wants the best for my family. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I look forward to expanding my range and supplying you and your families with safe products that are not harmful to your health or the environment.

    No two items are alike, making each one unique. We can tailor-make your order to suit your specific need, whether it be bath salt in bulk for your gift shop, small soaps for your guest house or wedding favours for your special day.

    Charmaine Thompson